Logo Design

A logo is pretty important for any business or website, so if you haven’t already got one we can arrange to have one designed for you.  Our designers are keen and enthusiastic and always looking for new challenges.


General Design Services

Logos are not all we do, however.  We are regularly asked to design other material too, such as business cards, flyers, adverts for both print and digital media and even themes for websites and email newsletters.

While we don’t get involved in the printing side of things, we can provide designs in many formats and at high resolutions for print as well as standard resolutions for screen display.

If you need something designed, you only need to ask.  Contact us now and we’ll be happy to quote you for whatever your needs may be.  Don’t worry, if it’s something we don’t do, we won’t be shy about telling you!

Request logo!

If you would like to request a logo, please contact us.

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