Why would I need a Web Application?

Web Applications are becoming a lot more popular these days as more and more people abandon the traditional desktop software concepts in favour of the globally accessible and cross-platform solutions provided by quality Web Applications.

gearsAs the technologies of the web improve, more and more advanced features are possible from within a standard web browser.  This can be seen in many ways as you look around the web today.  How many of you already use Gmail, Hotmail, iTunes Store, iCloud or even such online services as Pivotal Tracker or even Facebook?

All of these sites seem like normal websites, but they are providing access to such vast amounts of complex data that they require more power and access to super-efficient databases.  Instead of relying on a simple web server to server up the pages, their pages are dynamic – they are generated on the fly, using data that’s constantly changing.  These sites rely on what are known as Application Servers, which work alongside a standard web server.  So, when you ask for a page, what you get seems to be a standard enough web-page.  Well, yes, that’s what you’ve been sent and it’s what you were expecting.  The thing is, so much more went on behind the scenes to actually make that page and all that happened between the time you clicked your mouse and the time the page appeared before you.  It really is staggering to see it in action, but for the end user it’s simply transparent.  The way it should be!

Specialist Development

We specialise in database driven Web Applications, mainly based on the Rails application server, which has proven to be incredibly flexible as well as stable – a unique combination of traits that makes it possible to produce top quality Web Apps on behalf of our clients.  If you have a requirement for a Web App and you’d like some advice, we’d be more than happy to discuss it with you and start you on the right path.  We can even host your new Web App right here on our own hosted Application Servers!  So what are you waiting for?

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