Packages & Pricing

We have a number of standard packages available to choose from which are based on the most commonly requested website requirements.  You are free to choose from one of these packages, or to request a customised quotation if you need something a little (or a lot!) different. Why not drop us a line today and let us help you analyse your needs and start moving you towards your ultimate goal.  Your success will be equally our success – and boy do we love success!


Individuals or small businesses that need a basic web presence, this package is ideal.

  • Choice of Website Theme
  • Own Logo Placement
  • 5 Content Pages
  • Self-Update Pages (Limited CMS)
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Basic SEO Optimisation Included
  • Free Domain Registration (1st year)


€ 795.00

+ applicable VAT


Similar to the business package but includes eCommerce features for online sales.

  • All Business Package Features included plus:
  • Full CMS Access
  • Blog Integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • eCommerce System for Online Sales
  • PayPal Payment Integration
  • Free Domain Registration (1st year)


€ 2,495.00

+ applicable VAT


Large businesses looking for custom design with a variety of promotion options.

  • All Business Package Features included plus:
  • Custom Website Design
  • 25+ Content Pages
  • Full CMS Access
  • Blog Integration with 5 Social Media Sites
  • 5 Free Add-on Modules
  • Integrated SEO Management
  • Free Domain Registration (1st year)


€ 3,995.00

+ applicable VAT


When a visitor arrives at your website, first impressions matter more than ever.  It’s very important that their first glimpse leaves a lasting impression.  However that’s not all that makes a great website!  They arrived in the first place because they were looking for something, or maybe they just stumbled across your site.  Either way, the content of your site and how it’s presented is what’s going to make the difference in turning that visitor into a customer, or losing their interest before they even start.

User Experience

We believe that websites should be built with the user in mind.  That’s why we say that our designs are not only fresh, but more importantly they are “user-focused”.  What does that mean?  It means that when we build a site, we have the user in mind.  Always.  We try to put ourselves in their shoes and look at the site in the same way that they will.  Moreover, we endeavour to add extra functionality and sleek features, but not at the cost of usability.  The visitor does not want nasty surprises, they want pleasant ones.  So if something works or responds in a way that they didn’t expect, that feature needs to wow them!  If it freaks them out, they’ll just turn and run.

Logical thought is a key component of designing a successful site – considering what content should be displayed, where and how.  Is the important content visible and readily accessible?  Can the visitor see, with a single glance, the topic they were searching for?  Or can they at least see a way of searching your site to find what they want?  Are the menus clearly positioned and clearly titled?  All these factors have a huge impact, but are often taken for granted and overlooked.

Our Role

Since our customers often have their own thoughts and ideas of how they’d like their site to look and feel, our job is to advise on what’s the best way to implement those ideas – and to come up with alternative, possibly better, ways to achieve those goals.  We work closely with our customers from start to finish, keeping the lines of communication open and clear, to ensure an amazing finished product!

Cutting Edge Technology

In order to ensure that every website we build is modern and compatible with all the latest browsing technology, we are constantly updating our own skills to include the latest web standards.  We incorporate advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & Javascript, PHP5, SQL, Java, XML and Ruby on Rails as well as a variety of other tools.  However, we are careful to use only the tools that are necessary to achieve the end goal and not just for the sake of adding complexity.  Simple is best, so we look for the simplest solution to each problem.

Effective Design

Our designers are great listeners and even greater innovators, so give them your thoughts and let them bring them to life!  Design is a big part of any site and you need to be able to rely on your designers to produce the results your want.  Clear specs lead to clear results.

Mobile In Mind

Since today’s world revolves so heavily around mobile devices, we always have the concept of mobile access in mind. If that’s something that appeals to you, or more importantly that will appeal to your customers, let us know and we’ll guide you through what’s needed to produce a beautifully responsive site that will respond to the screen size that it’s being displayed on. Making it easy for mobile users to navigate and find what they’re looking for can be even more important than for those using larger screens!

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